Access Control Systems – Crucial For Homes and Businesses Alike!

Controlling who enters a business is a major concern for everyone these days. With all the traffic that can occur on a daily basis at even a medium sized or small business, it can be very difficult for businesses to keep track of who comes and goes. If you operate a business with multiple doors to the building, access control is an even more critical concern for the overall security of your business as well as you’re the safety of your employees while on the job.

Access Control Systems can range in complexity from a simple card reading system to a multi-level access control system with comprehensive software and multiple components controlling access to external as well as internal doorways.

Simple card reading systems are commonly used by businesses that have fewer worries over security precautions, while businesses that are larger in size or deal frequently with confidential or risky information may do much better with a more complex, multi-level access control system.

Smart Chip Technology is another option available with access control systems, and allows entry to anyone who carries the proper card, fob or device. While card reading systems require the user to run a card through a card reader, similar to swiping a credit card, smart chip technology takes advantage of RF (radio frequency) scanning technology. The person carrying the smart chip device can simply approach the RF scanning device and the entry door will unlock after the RF scanner registers the presence of the chip.

Multi-level access control systems can include both smart chip technology as well as card reading components. The access system would be managed through a comprehensive software program that allows you to assign access profiles to all of your employees. These systems allow you to determine who can enter your building, but it also allows you to designate access within your facility. You can provide certain employees access to particular areas of your building, while restricting the access of other employees. These systems are critical to the operation of any facility that requires any degree of security clearance measures are in place on a daily basis, including medical facilities, hospitals, laboratories, certain manufacturing facilities or any business that must follow particular governmentally regulated safety protocols.

Important Considerations When Choosing Access Control Systems

Access control systems are used in businesses and residential properties throughout the world. These are used to improve security, keeping occupants safe. There are so many different choices available from card readers to keypads to biometrics, which include fingerprint scanners and more.

There are a number of factors you have to take into consideration whether you’re choosing access control systems for your business, for an apartment complex or for your home.

The first thing you need to take note of is the ease of use. If you’re getting home late from work, what is the easiest system to use to gain access to your property? When you’re dealing with a hundred or more people in an office building, what is the easiest solution to ensure that everyone can gain access without issues and that you can track who is coming and going.

Smaller businesses and homes tend to choose keypads. They are given a unique code, which can be changed regularly to improve security. This code can be given to multiple family members or employees. Changing the code regularly ensures that the code isn’t handed to someone else offering them access and compromising the security in the property.

Card readers are exceptionally common in residential and office buildings. Each person has their own unique card that they swipe to gain access. Most of these cards have a barcode, which enables the security team to monitor who is coming and who is going. Once a person leaves the company, you can delete the card from the system, eliminating the ability for that person to gain access.

Biometrics is used in homes and also in high risk businesses, such as government building server rooms and banking institutions. Fingerprint scanners, retina scanners and other high tech systems are used to only allow the person with approved access to get into a specific room or gain access to a certain property.

Looking at the access control systems you feel is the right match for what you need, it’s advisable to ensure it’s expandable, especially if you are a business and may add new team members as the business grows moving forward. Being able to add new cards for the card reader, ensuring it’s easy to add new people to biometrics and the ability to add more scanners and systems to different rooms, linking back to the main database are all very important considerations to factor into your decision moving forward.

If you want to allow visitor access, determine how this can be incorporated into the system. Card readers give visitors their own unique card which they sign for, this way you have the visitor’s information and who they are visiting in the building. They also hand the card back when they leave, so you know they have left the building and your security has not been compromised.

With keypads, you can include a buzzer system. Your receptionist can push a button to unlock the door to visitors, giving them access. They can then sign in or a diary can be kept with who is coming and going.

Always pay very close attention to the warranty that comes with the access control systems. You want a long warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or issues, this way the repair or replacement cost is not your problem, saving you money.

See if the company you have chosen to purchase your access control system from offers a service agreement. These systems do require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at their best, having this included in a service agreement can help you budget more effectively.

Biometric Access Control – Providing Better And Stronger Security For The Office Or Family

The use of biometrics for the purpose of identification has been around for a long time. Before, it was very expensive and can only be found on facilities that have high security. Because of the changing times and the threat of burglary ever present, biometric access control has become one of the most in demand and popular security systems on homes and offices. Its price went down and a lot of people are able to afford it.

There are a lot of biometric security systems that are available out there. Some use fingerprints, iris scanners and face recognition. There are a lot more out there but the most famous biometric access control is the fingerprint lock. These locks use fingerprints as a key in order to access the facility.

As you can see, biometrics is becoming the keys of the future. You don’t have to hassle yourself of bringing keys with you wherever you go. You don’t have to worry if your keys will be lost or stolen because your new key is a part of your body. The person must be there in order to gain access to the lock; unlike in the past wherein the only thing that a thief needs is the key.

Biometric access control can be used on different facilities. Homes and offices are where you can see most of these locks. Having the right protection for the people closest to you is the best thing that you can give them. Providing them with a good security system will give not only you but also those people the peace of mind that they need. The feeling of knowing your loved ones are safely secured can’t be replaced by any amount of money.

Another advantage that this system offers is its durable mechanism. It has deadbolt locks that make them tough and difficult to gain unauthorized entry. These deadbolt locks are more efficient and won’t break easily compared to those ordinary ones.

Because of the technology today, biometric access control has become the most picked locking system. Access control has never been made tougher and more secure yet easily accessible for those authorized personnel. The time it takes for the scanner to open the lock is very fast thus providing faster access time. You don’t have to worry about locking the doors behind you because these biometric locks automatically close when the door is shut.

Make sure that you choose the appropriate locks for your needs. Always be practical in the locks that you are purchasing because you might end up wasting your money. There are a lot of biometric locks available on the internet. You can choose among a wide variety of locks to cater the security needs of your home, office or anything that you want to protect.